Openbill - Advanced billing

Jumping Bean is pleased to announce the release of Open Bill 1.2. Openbill is an advanced billing/invoicing application for environments which require periodic, recurring deductions via debit runs from customer accounts. The projects home page can be found on This new version of Open Bill has several enhancement and bug fixes these include:

  • Reporting on contract sales and cancellations,
  • Bandwidth usage stats,
  • Ability to email credit notes to customers,
  • Enhanced user interface for contract management

The application is based on a layered architecture using the following technologies:

  • Spring Framework dependency injection,
  • JPA 1.0 for the data access layter,
  • ¬†Echo 2 Framework for the UI layer

The following technologies are also used:

  • Velocity for templating,
  • Maven for the build process,
  • iText for PDF export

Open Bill Road Map

  • Build robust unit tests,
  • Enhance templating to allow east customisation,
  • Replace Velocity wih Apache FOP,
  • Introduce plugin architecture to allow for easy extensibility,